poetry nogizaka in starkly minor


So I was dreaming


To Nishino Nanase


I was dreaming.

I thought I was alive
I thought I loved you
I thought I was dead
I was just dreaming

I love you
I thought

Thinking of you
I was so much in pain
I could not breathe
Through the darkness
I ran to you
I just wanted to see you
So badly

In the darkness
I slid my foot
I fell to the abyss

That day
At that place
I thought I died
I cried
I thought I coud not see you
any more
My poor tears
Falling in the morning sky

It was raining
Summer rain 
Winter rain 
Gentle rain 
Tears turned to raindrops
As the rain to tears
They were falling

I was just dreaming

*        *       *

In the distance
My heart blurring

Where did you go ?
Where am I ?
Are you alive ?
Am I dead ?
We were In love ?

Sound of rain
Sound of rain

I can hear the rain
I can hear it.
Rainfall   dream

I……was just dreaming